Our Services


We offer modern, creative and efficient branding and marketing tools.

We offer different types of speakers for your exclusive event. Our speakers range from motivitional speakers to moderators.

Our design department offer you a one stop solution for all your design needs

Our media department offers  several modern and creative multimedia services to our client

Branding & Marketing

Our branding department offers a consultancy service to help you determine the corporate identity that matches your vision. Thus we offer the tools necessary for the display of your corporate identity and the creation of your house style. Our society is dominated by information and speed. Everyone is well informed or at least knows where to find the information they are looking for. A product or service is therefore no longer protected from imitation; being unique is no longer a competitive advantage. When a new product is launched on the market, the competition will quickly sell a similar version at a lower price. A corporate identity will be much more difficult to imitate ... The subjective and emotional factors are often decisive in the buying process. If the potential buyer hesitates between two or three equivalent proposals, emotion will intervene in the final decision. The image of the company will therefore be decisive.


Muambi International Network offers a wide variety of speakers for your exclusive event. Our speakers are well know nationally and internationally, we select them because of their outstanding track record and experience in their particular field of expertise. Our database contains a wide variety of professionals ranging motivational speakers, authors, professors, celebrities, experienced moderators and many more. Are you not sure what type of speaker you need? No problem, we are able to advice you what type of speaker is best suited for your event. We guarantee a hassle free interaction with our booking services, we make sure the speaker get to your event in time, he is briefed about your organization and the event at which he will be speaking.

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Our design department offer a variety of design services. We can assist you in building new products, but we also see value in modernizing existing ones. From websites and apps to bots and portals, we research, concept, design and engineer digital products that not only focus on your customer’s needs, but elevate your brand experience.

  • Logo design

  • Corporate identity

  • Flyer, brochures, business cards...

  • Webdesign

Content Creation

Our media department offers a wide variety of multimedia services tailored to the needs of our client. We create content that is specific to your target audience and that will reflect your intended message. We have an experienced team of videographers and photographers, that are able to translate your vison into an amazing audiovisual product. Our teams will are able to document your public events, conferences, meeting, concert with most modern tools in the field of video production.

  • Event videography and photography

  • Short video add for social media

  • Commercials

  • Interviews and presentation videos

  • Product photography

  • Commercial photography

  • Drone videography and photography