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Alphonse Muambi



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About Alphonse

Alphonse Muambi is an author, critical opinion maker and lobbyist from DR Congo. He lives in The Hague, the Netherlands. In 2003 he completed the mathematics teacher training at the Fontys Hogeschool in Rotterdam and worked as a teacher for a while.

In 2006 and November 2011, he acted on behalf of the Netherlands as an international election observer in Congo. Muambi acts as a consultant on Congo. He remains closely involved in the political developments in DR Congo and he also supports education in Congo.

Since the publication of his book "Democracy You Can't Eat", Muambi has participated in (inter) national forums as a speaker on strategic raw materials, development issues, globalization and geopolitics in both Europe and Africa. He also publishes essays in newspapers such as Trouw. In recent years, Muambi has spoken as a speaker at various debates and lectures, whether or not related to his book or country of origin. Characteristic is his very thorough file knowledge when it comes to Africa and in particular Congo and the Great Lakes region, his convincing, clear and accessible way of reaching a wide audience and his sense of humor.

Muambi is a member of several organizations, including the Union Internationale de la Presse Francophone in Paris.

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