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Do not let the

world influence you,

but influence the world.

About the media

Like humans need the right food for their health, they also need the right information for their worldview. We deal with substantive issues to inform public opinion and give our specialists the necessary time needed to clear their material in order to develop this worldview with our audience worldwide.


Sometimes information can annoy or create conflicts, but these conflicts should not be an occasion to divide us but rather to bring us together and enrich us.Our information is both local and international, as we believe that the effects of what happens elsewhere can be felt locally. Think of the Amazon forest fire in Brazil or the terrorists in the Sahel or the policies of the White House tenant in the United States. Why is it not raining in Ouagadougou, why are there African refugees in the streets of Paris? Why do the Chinese walk in Africa? What is the French military doing in the red sand of Mali?

We are a network where we put talents, young and old, academic, political, diplomatic and students together through conferences, debates and convivial meetings for a noble cause of the world in which it is good to live, not for some, but for all. And from these contacts sprang a magic of intelligence.


The diversity of our subjects, our speakers and our audience is our DNA.

About the founder

In recent years, Muambi has acted as a speaker at various debates and lectures, whether or not related to his book or country of origin. Characteristic is his very thorough file knowledge when it comes to Africa and in particular Congo and the Great Lakes region, his convincing, clear and accessible way of reaching a wide audience and his sense of humor.

His interventions during debates are a good mix of correct facts and a very sharp vision. Comments from attendees are always unanimously favorable.


Muambi is a writer and author

of several articles.

Grey Limbo

Our Mission Statement

Muambi International Network aims at providing reliable, diverse and relevant information to his viewers. We believe that media plays an important role in the promotion of social cohesion in society. That is why at Muambi International Network we have made it our mission to give all voices a platform to express their views, but of course in the respect of the law and common sence practices. Muambi International Network is particularly sensitive to the problems of minorities in western and non western societies. The Network also promotes the creation of strong people networks across the world, because we believe that the current communication revolution is an opportunity to bring about unity between nations and continents. Muambi Intenational also offer commercial communication and marketing service. Our teams of experts with more then 20 years of combined experience in communication and marketing will offer you innovative and creative business solution for you institution or private business.

"The human dimension of our contributors is as important as

the information itself."


A trusted source of information

Muambi International Network also believes in tackling difficult societal issues that many avoid such as racism, discrimination, economic predation, economic inequalities, poverty, enz. We believe that any issue no matter how difficult it may be can be solved through dialogue in good faith, and we are glad to offer protagonist a platform to be able to come together and talk to each other. We are of the opinion that censorship only leads to frustration and tension in our communities. To have an educated viewers about current events, Muambi international Network will only publish or promote verified information and every so often we offer an analysis on current world event. In the era of fake news Muambi International Network has established strict fact checking protocols and will  double check any information given before publishing.

Trusted source
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